Our Tattoo Balm Ingredients

Show some love to the art you love. We use only 100% natural ingredients that are formulated to moisturize, care for, and speed the healing process of your tattoo. Our ingredients are specifically chosen for their curative uses and combined in the traditional method of steeping the herbs in oils rather than using extracts.

Coconut oil moisturizes and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Calendula quickly reduces pain and inflammation. 
Comfrey leaf helps to heal wounds.

Lavender is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties.

Plantain leaf helps to stop itching, burning, and pain associated with the tattoo process.

Peppermint cools and also helps stop itching.

Vitamin E oil nourishes and enriches the skin.

Finally, beeswax functions as a humectant (draws moisture into the tattoo) and protects against the environment.

Never share tattoo balm with another person.


To use:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly

2. Wash your tattoo and pat dry   

3. When completely dry, and with clean hands, apply a thin layer of Bearded Lady Tattoo Balm over the entire tattooed area. 

*You may use Bearded Lady 3-4 times daily. Be sure that you are using a very thin layer. More does not mean better when healing a tattoo.